Saturday, September 15, 2012

Should I become a Model?

Dear Readers,

My name is Esperanza Cabrera but my friends calls me Espie. I am Puertorican/White and Italian. I am 27 yrs old and about to turn 28 in 2 months (Nov. 16). I am 5'2 and 111lbs. Yes, I am small for my age. I have a Carmel skin, brown eyes and black hair with red roots.  It is not my natural hair color. My natural hair color is natural black  its a little dark than dark brown.  Yes, I have dyed my hair  from Golden brown with highlights to Red to Golden blond now to black.I been doing it since I was 20 yrs old. I used to have long thick curly hair but last month I cut my hair.  You must be thinking " What the hell  you do to your hair?". It's not like I  cut my gorgeous hair for the first time. I have done it before.  I had a reason why I cut it and here is the reason. The reason why I had to cut my hair because it was summer and I needed a new look for my boyfriend. Yes, I am in a serious relationship. My boyfriend and I been in a serious relationship for almost 5 months now.  Why I am telling you all this because I love  taking pictures and be fashionable. I mean I have had  been told that I should be a model. I am always trying to change my look so I can get people thoughts and get over my exs by proving to them that I can move on  and that they lost a gorgeous girl. How many of you females felt that way?What is so funny is that  I had friend back in college in Dallas telling me that I look better with my hair strengthen than curly. Guys, Do you  like girls with curly hair or straighten hair?   So, my question for you is "Should I become a model? If  I should, please recommend me to people you know. Please I need help! I mean modeling for a fashion company or the music company can help me fix my financial issues and among other things  I am going to post a few pictures of myself from head shots to body shots.


Esperanza "Espie" Cabrera

Life of Wisdom

Life can be hard if you want to achieve something that  big to happen to you. The only way you could do that is fighting for it no matter what is the cost.  Just remember you are fighting for you life in the streets because there is no freedom at home. If you want to reach to the top, you to take one step at a time. As a songwriter and a poet, I know these things because I've lived through it and seen it happen. I am very wise with the words I say when it is the truth of a living musician and poet

If I had a Dream

If I a dream, I would like to live in a world that has True Artists who belives in music no matter where they come. We (True Artists ) should come together and express our thoughts in music. We might have the same taste in music or not. But we still need to support one another when we are living in  a war between an True Artists and The Politics. Everyday we as the True Artists  are facing new challeges as we go on with our life.